Minutes of 2013 AGM

Ottawa Carlton Pharmacist Association
Annual General Meeting, Wednesday Nov 13, 2013

Sala San Marco, Ottawa

Amira, Ahmed, Esmail, Colleen, Roly, Debbie, Kabita, Ben and members of the association as per the attendance list

President’s Speech

Amira went through the agenda
Amira went through financial statement
Amira thanked Parveen and Kabita for doing 15 CEs this year

Amira talked about website fraudulent prescriptions

Amira announced the bursaries’ winners

Colleen presenting 6 motions

Motion 1:
“OCPhA pay for a bulk purchase of warning labels that say “no drinking symbol-Avoid FASD” and distribute them among the members to place on Prenatal vitamins and possibly Folic acid 1 mg. It should cost around $5.99 a box if we order 50 boxes from Pharmasystems =$300 + HST”

Motion carried

Motion 2:
“OCPhA ask that the above initiative be mandated by OCP province wide”

Motion carried

Motion 3 :
“OCPhA members support the establishment of an InSite program for those injecting illegal drugs (perhaps located in an existing CHC or Hospital).  If this motion passes we need to notify OCP, OPA, Ottawa politicians & the Chief of Police”

Motion lost

Motion 4:

“Ask OCP to send out an email notice once a year to every Pharmacist in Ontario informing them that Stericycle (replacing Orange) is now doing free collection (Public use only) of Meds and Sharps for disposal. Stericycle also will provide free Sharps disposal containers (for Public use only).  OCP should also promote an annual “Clean out your Med Cabinet” or “Take it Back Program” province wide to protect both the public and our environment”

Motion carried

Motion 5:
“Ask OCP to mandate that all Pharmacies require used Fentanyl patches be returned to the pharmacy for proper disposal before a new Rx can be refilled (Westboro Pharmasave is already voluntarily doing this). Time is of the essence, if we only save one life the small amount of effort involved will be very worthwhile.” 

An amendment will be done to give an empty envelop for the returns

Motion carried

Motion 6:
“Ask OCP to negotiate with other Colleges “that all health care professionals who chose not to get a flu shot and who work with patients be mandated to wear a mask during flu season”. Mask wearing should be immediately mandatory if working with the vulnerable population in hospitals or senior care facilities.”

Motion lost

Esmail’s speech

Ocp report

Golf tournament report, 117 participants joined this event

Mark your calendar for the next golf tournament on September 17th , 2014

Closing the event

Amira Thanked Mark Kearney and announced that he is resigning

Also asked for volunteers to replace Mark and take responsibility of the website

CE Event: OCPhA Polypharmacy Presentation and Workshop

CE Event: Polypharmacy Presentation and Workshop

Date: November 11 , 2014

Registration: 5:30 pm
Presentation and Workshop: 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Location: Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital, 43 Bruyère Street, Garden Room (6th floor)

Refreshments will be available


Barbara Farrell PharmD
Bruyere Geriatric Day Hospital and Bruyere Research Institute

Derek Dyks BScPhm
Geriatric Assessment Unit and Geriatric Day Hospital, The Ottawa Hospital

Wade Thompson BScPhm
Bruyere Research Institute, Arnprior Family Health Team

Pam Howell BScPhm
Bruyere Continuing Care

Salima Shamji MD


This two hour workshop will introduce pharmacists to the scope and impact of problems associated with polypharmacy in the elderly, enable them to screen for potentially inappropriate medications and communicate with other health care professionals about potential drug-related problems and desprescribing solutions. A patient case, focused on medications contributing to falls and cognitive impairment will be used for small group discussion. Plans for potential pharmacist involvement in a regional approach to falls prevention will be presented for input.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the scope and impact of polypharmacy in the elderly
  2. Explain age-related changes that increase the risk of adverse effects in the elderly
  3. Differentiate among screening criteria and assessment processes to identify potentially inappropriate medications and drug-related problems
  4. List medications that may contribute to falls and cognitive impairment
  5. Collaborate with other health care professionals to reduce polypharmacy and facilitate safe, effective deprescribing
  6. Participate in discussions regarding pharmacist involvement in a regional initiative for falls prevention


OCPhA Members may register by logging in here.

CE Event: An Update on Smoking Cessation

Ottawa-Carleton Pharmacists’ Association Annual General Meeting

followed by

An Update on Smoking Cessation and How to Incorporate it in a Busy Pharmacy Setting


Date: Wednesday, Nov 5th, 2014

Location: Trattoria Caffé Italia 254 Preston

Registration: 5:30 p.m.

Annual General Meeting: 5:45 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.

Presentation: 6:30pm             


Dr. Bob Reid, PhD, MBA
Co-founder of Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation; Deputy Chief of the Division of Prevention and Rehabilitation at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute & Full Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa

Ruth Ombati, R.Ph., B.Sc., CDE.
Wal-Mart, Pembroke


  • Discuss the latest evidence in smoking cessation management
  • Discuss the importance of adherence in smoking cessation
  • Discuss tips to incorporate smoking cessation in your pharmacy


OCPhA Members may register by logging in here.